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What your agent does when selling your home

Finding a professional and qualified agent to sell your home may be a daunting process at first and it is essential to find the right agent to guide you through the selling campaign and beyond during your move.

While it can seem like a straightforward job, selling your home takes skill in sourcing qualified buyers and negotiating through the sale process. There are tasks that happen behind the scenes that you won’t see as a vendor to ensure that the stress is removed from you throughout the sale.

Market knowledge and experience

An experienced sales agent will have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in the local market and activity and will be able to pinpoint the type of buyers that would be interested in your home. 

Someone who has had experience in your area and a history of recent sales will know how to price the property correctly and will be upfront with the reality of price expectations. A property that is overpriced in a tighter market can lead to possible significant price drops in some cases and a property not selling in the time frame that you may expect.

Qualified buyers and community

A great sales agent will have a community of contacts of those that are looking to buy and may be interested in your property. They will have nurtured these contacts over time and be familiar with buyers who have finance ready to go and move on a sale.

For buyers who are not finance-approved or just beginning their search, the process may take longer as they will need to ensure that they have finance ready. If not, they take a risk when purchasing that they may not be able to follow through with the sale if they are declined or affordability changes. 

As a vendor, pre-qualified buyers can allow an extra level of certainty around the sale as there is more security in knowing that their finance is approved, and they are ready to buy.

 Negotiating the sale

Throughout a sales campaign, your real estate agent will spend time on the phone talking with potential buyers, pre-qualifying them and then showing them through your property. They will take the time to learn about what the buyer is looking for and determine the right fit.

A sales agent will show your home in its best light, demonstrating the major features of the property and highlighting the benefits of the home. They will then negotiate through to a purchase price depending on the method of sale. 

They will also liaise with solicitors, conveyancers, trades and building inspectors throughout the exchange and settlement process to remove the stress of these tasks from your to-do list.

To find out more about what our sales team can do to help make it easier to sell your home, contact our office for more information.

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