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What are the benefits of staging my home for sale

There are many benefits to staging when selling your home and depending on the style of your home and budget, there are professional stylists who can work with you and your agent to find the best solutions in presenting the property for sale.

It increases the look and feel of the home

Bringing in furnishings, homewares and art that are styled for the short-term sales process can improve how the home looks and feels to a purchaser. 

Buying a new home can be an emotional process and staging will help to present the property in its best possible light to appeal to the buyer.  A professional property stylist can help to offer advice on which furnishings would suit your property and may even make suggestions for cosmetic improvements, such as paint or repairs. 

The small investment can increase value

Your real estate agent and property styler will work with you on your budget to keep any improvements or styling costs within an affordable range. If your budget is tight, they may suggest changes to homewares that complement your current furnishings rather than larger improvements.

Your agent will give you an estimate of the value of your home unfurnished and the value that could potentially be achieved with the inclusion of furnishings. 

Staging helps buyers to understand the floorplan

Furnished home can show a buyer what a property can look like when it is lived in. It can give them an idea of the dimensions of the property and how their own furniture may look on the property. 

While an unfurnished property allows a buyer to see the actual size of the space, having a property furnished and staged can show them how furnishings fit into the space and colours and textures that work well with the property.

It can increase property views and a faster sale

You only have seven seconds to make a good first impression, and this is where property styling and great photography can help increase interest in your property. 

Property styling will set the scene for that great first impression and professional photography will highlight all the best angles so that when a buyer is viewing the listing, they are more likely to want to inspect the property based on how it looks and the floorplan.

If you are presenting the property well it is more likely to be viewed and appeal to the right buyer, leading to a faster sale.

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