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Tips to engaging a rental agent to find your next home

Whether it’s buying or renting, the hunt for a new home can be a time-consuming and pressure-filled experience, especially in a rental market that is in high demand. 

Renter’s agents have increased in popularity over the years and employing an agent when you are in the market for a new rental is an exercise in gaining back precious time while outsourcing the search for a new home.

What is a renter’s agent?

A renter’s agent is a professional agent who represents a tenant searching for a new rental. They act like a buyer’s agent and will help to match you with the right property based on your budget, expectations and needs. 

A renter’s agent is a great solution especially if you are looking to relocate interstate or overseas as they provide a solution to assist in knowledge of the local area including access to school catchments, transport and amenities and will consult with you on your requirements.

Will they inspect properties on my behalf?

Renter’s agents will contact property managers and speak on your behalf, organising inspections, going through open homes, and negotiating on rental amounts with the property manager. They will take photos and videos of the property to send to you of the properties that they inspect on your behalf.

They can also provide advice on how to prepare an application for a rental property with tips on information to provide and the types of documents that property managers will request with processing applications.

Take the weight out of negotiation

When it comes to negotiating the rental amounts and lease agreements with the property manager, a renter’s agent can advocate on your behalf to ensure that you are aware of the conditions and terms of the lease agreement and point out any concerns that may be present.

They can also help with the logistics around your relocation including sourcing furniture, if required or have contacts who can help pack your current home, relocate, and unpack at your new location. 

A renter’s agent can also manage the connection of utilities, and cleaning of the property if needed prior to move-in to ensure that when it comes to move-in day, your home is ready to go. 

Employing a renter’s agent can assist in making your next move seamless and stress-free creating a win for both you and the property manager to help secure you a new home. 

If you would like advice on your next move or to find out what properties we have available, contact our property management team to find out more. 

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