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The benefits of video in selling your home

In an online world, prospective buyers will look to the property portals and websites in the search for their new home. A professional video walk-through of your property can be one of the most impactful first impressions that a buyer may have before they attend the inspection.

There are great benefits to using video in the promotion of your property for sale including getting the listing in front of more buyers and the chance to sell the property faster.

Reach more buyers faster

A professional video inspection can be launched online on the property portals and the agency website as soon as the property is listed. There isn’t a need to wait for an in-person inspection and potential purchasers can view the property online instantly. 

Reach out-of-area buyers 

One benefit of online videos is the reach that it provides to out-of-area buyers in a way that still images can’t. A virtual walk-through allows prospective purchasers to view the home if they cannot make the inspections in person and can increase buyer competition for the home.

Social media promotion

Using video when promoting the property on social media platforms in addition to the property and agent portals can increase buyer reach especially as social media changes move more to video to appeal to consumers.

Communicate the features and benefits of the property

Video inspections can explain the key features and benefits of the home and your agent can communicate commonly asked questions through this type of marketing which can assist in pre-qualifying buyers. They can also highlight lifestyle features and the location and community benefits of the location.

Increase property interest and potential value

A well-presented video is an engaging way of attracting buyers, especially when there are multiple listings in your market, and your property needs to stand out from the crowd. It will also ensure that there are more qualified buyers who attend the inspections.

Professional video walk-throughs of the property can capture the attention of prospective buyers both locally, interstate and overseas and are an excellent way to show the property at its best and increase the interest and value of the property.

If you would like to know more about how professionally presented video inspections can help in the sale of your home, speak with our sales team during your market appraisal about this worthwhile investment.

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