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Prepare for your move after you sell

The property has sold, and you are making plans to move on to your next home. Prepare for your moving day in advance so that you have a strategy around settlement day and beyond.

Arrange your removalists

Finding removalists can be a tricky task. As soon as you have a proposed date for settlement, look for a great removalist and book the date with them around your preferred move date.

It is wise to move before the date of settlement to ensure that you have vacated and cleaned the property before the purchaser takes possession. 

Arrange a run sheet for the day and decide if you would like removalists to only move certain furniture items or if they will do a complete pack of your belongings and unpack at your new home.

Arrange for utility connections and mail redirection

Don’t leave connecting utilities at your new home until the last minute as this might provide for a shock on your first day in your new home if there is no electricity or gas connected. 

Utility companies can usually arrange for a transfer to the new property and will set a date for the disconnection of electricity, gas, and internet. 

Arrange for a mail redirection to ensure that any mail is redirected from your old home to your new one and that you don’t miss important documents. 

Begin the clean-up and pack

Before you begin packing, it is the perfect time to de-clutter and donates or sell items you no longer want or need. You may also need to book a council pick-up if the service is available in your area. 

The more clutter and unwanted items that you clean up before packing will mean the less that you have to pack and for the removalists to move on to your new home. 

Don’t forget to leave out any essential items that you will need and make a moving day kit with essential items like clothing, chargers, a kettle, cups and plates and tea, coffee, and bottled water.

Clean and repair necessary items

Decide if you would like to carry out the vacate clean or arrange a professional cleaning for the property. Cleaners will often provide quotes to clean after the removalists have taken away all the furnishings and your belongings. 

A professional cleaner can help to remove the stress of cleaning prior to settlement and allow you to focus on unpacking and settling into your new home. 

Make any repairs on the property before the date of settlement as well to ensure all goes according to plan.

For help with utility connections, removalist and trades recommendations, speak with our sales team who will be happy to help.

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