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Lockdown fuels a keen desire to redecorate

Lockdown realities are not only changing the way we live and work, but also the environment in which we do so.  Given our close proximity to and focus on our homes, many householders are looking to redecorate.

Those seeking to make a change or replace outdated furniture and continue to improve their decorating style, are looking primarily in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Here are some handy makeover tips, designed to match every style and budget:

Lockdown fuels a keen desire to redecorate

Find pieces that have multiple purposes

If you’re short on budget or even storage space, it’s an excellent idea to find items that have more than one use. An ottoman is a must-have, as it doubles as seating, impromptu table, storage and pull-out bed. Other multi-functional pieces include a versatile buffet unit, a bed base with drawers, an entertainment unit with shelves or a hallway console table. All of these can act as hidden storage for books, toys, gym equipment or can even be used to display art.

Lockdown fuels a keen desire to redecorate

Try painting rather than purchasing

If you own your home, painting or utilising wallpaper is a cost-effective way to transform the mood of your home, especially if you do it yourself. For example, for your living areas, choose crisp whites or sage greens for a fresh and modern look. Kitchens are often a sticking point, but many householders don’t realise that painting the cupboards or cabinets can completely transform the space.

Incorporate layers of texture

People often decide on their style, colours and pieces, but they often fail to think about texture when redecorating. Simply put, it means creating visual interest and diversity in your space through layering, juxtaposing materials, colours and fabrics. Texture can be created through touch or the display of objects — and it has the ability to make your space feel luxurious, without the hefty price tag.

Invest in quality items and save on accent pieces

Rank items in order of priority and then decide how much you could realistically spend on each. Once you have finalised your budget, invest in bold furniture items that will attract the most attention — a couch, accent chair, dining table or bedhead.

Stack it up with bunk beds

If you have children who share a bedroom or need extra room for sleepovers, bunk beds are a great space saver. Instead of a traditional bed, bunk beds are unique, affordable, multifunctional and invite imagination into the space.

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