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How to create the ultimate kids’ bedroom

Your children’s bedrooms are their private zone, where they can relax, unwind, study and hopefully get enough sleep. 

With lockdown memories reminding us that families are spending more time than usual in their homes, we need places of comfort, entertainment and leisure.

This also applies to children, as they want their own oasis where they can either kick back and relax or go wild with their toys.

Usually, the best place to relax is the bedroom, where you can make the space completely your own. 

To inspire independence and entice your child to spend more time in their room and less time in common living spaces, simply follow these top tips for creating the ultimate kids’ bedroom.

Choose furniture that enlivens their imagination

With young children, you need to get creative and use furniture that doesn’t look like every other child’s room. 

Instead of traditional beds, look for beds that have fun frames, are unique and invite imagination into the space.

Choosing a bed frame that looks like a house, car or spaceship invites your child to use the bed for games and allows them to spend time in their rooms and on beds that otherwise aren’t all that exciting.

Décor that doubles as entertainment

Fortunately, kids are extremely creative, imaginative and resourceful. 

They don’t need much to keep themselves entertained, but you can help to inspire their sense of play.

To create the ultimate bedroom, choose furniture and décor that serve more than just a practical purpose. 

Rugs with train lines that can be traced with toy trains; chairs that look like thrones; and artwork that creates a whole new imaginative setting can completely transform a room and keep them entertained for hours. 

Create areas for rest and relaxation

No bedroom is complete without furniture that is inviting and makes you want to relax.

However, nothing upsets children more than the idea of taking a nap and stopping to rest.

So, to achieve downtime for your children, including furniture that is soft and comfortable and will easily help any child fall asleep when resting on it. 

Consider the style and personality of your child and use that to choose an item of furniture that will ultimately help them doze off when needed.

Use practical and playful décor

Of course, if you’re the one styling the bedroom, you want to choose furniture that also works for you and has a practical function to it.

Choosing soft and pretty items that also double as storage for toys, books and other messy objects will help to create the ultimate aesthetic for the bedroom while helping to keep it tidy and minimise clutter. 

Choose items that seem unsuspecting, with plenty of extra storage capacity, such as upholstered ottomans and toyboxes for seating and storage.

(Source: Luxo Living)

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