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How to choose the right rental apartment for you

Venturing out into the rental market to look for a new apartment to live in can be challenging and very exciting. To make it easier on the new home hunt, making a list of your musts and like to have requirements is a good step in narrowing down the playing field whether it be a market with many or few properties available.

Consider the lifestyle you are after

When you are looking for a new apartment, one of the key factors that you may consider is the lifestyle factors that are in the building and on offer. These may include amenities like pools and gyms, properties with balconies or communal living spaces or close proximity to shops, schools and other entertainment precincts.

You might also look at the distance to work and access to public transport or parking options that are available, as this may impact your daily commute unless you are working from home. 

Pets or no pets

While in some states, the laws for pets in rental properties have changed, there are still certain requirements, especially in strata living. You may need to complete a pet application form for the agent which will also go to the body corporate to gain their permission. 

There may be certain by-laws on buildings in relation to pets, especially in common areas and they may restrict some breeds. If you aren’t sure, ask our property management team at the open home and they will be happy to provide you with the information.

Apartment condition and inclusions

At property inspections, ensure that the property ticks most if not all of the ‘must have’s’ and consider if it has the ‘would like to haves’. Is it in good condition and well-maintained or are there some things that raise red flags concerning repairs that may need to be carried out. 

Does it have air conditioning and a dishwasher if these are important items for you to have. Will your fridge fit in the fridge space and is there a space for a microwave? Look at the laundry and if it is shared, is there space for your washing machine or are the appliances shared? If there is space in the apartment, will your washing machine fit? Taking a tape measure along with you to the inspection is a great way to measure these areas before you put in the application.

Utilities and internet connections

Some buildings now require that you need to connect to preferred utility or internet providers. Check these conditions, especially those with embedded networks so that you are prepared before you put in your application and can enquire about the conditions and pricing around those companies.

Our property management team are available to answer any questions that you have, and the open home inspection is a great time to ask so that you can tick all your boxes and get that application in as soon as possible.

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