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Getting your property primed for spring sale

Selling your home or investment in spring is certain to attract keen buyer interest and vendor competition. But this ever-promising selling season also ensures your property is presented at its blooming best.

Expert opinion points to the longer, warmer days of spring not only boosting local foot traffic in the best-dressed houses for sale, but equally suggesting an increase in potential offers. 

Although serious home buyers are prepared to brave any weather, with pundits primarily favouring strong autumn sales, springtime traditionally attracts an increase in highly marketable stock. This offers widespread appeal in a stock-depleted market — for buyers and sellers.   

Getting your property primed for spring sale

Short supply fuelling record price hikes

National house prices are rising at their fastest rate in more than 32 years, according to CoreLogic. Listings can’t keep up with FOMO (fear of missing out) demand and analysts predict no slowdown in the immediate future. 

It’s a seemingly fraught scenario that bodes well for vendors selling in spring. Despite the widespread affordability crisis, housing stock increases, which are anticipated for most regions and capital cities, are expected to boost buyer confidence.

Getting your property primed for spring sale

Top tips for creating winning results

Vendors with deeper pockets may choose to invest in professional landscaping and refurbishment prior to open for inspections. 

However, property owners can achieve an overall impression of a streamlined interior and exterior finish — with minimum outlay and moderate effort.

  • Complete all minor repair projects. Making sure that everything is fixed and in smooth working order will translate to capital results at sale time.
  • Adopt a neutral tone when repainting walls, floors and ceilings, but make sure to splash out on vibrancy when it comes to creating a warm welcome at your front door.
  • Contemporise fixtures and fittings, such as lighting, bathroom mirrors, taps and cabinet ware, to suit your interior style. Cosmetic makeovers are not only affordable, but also add visual appeal — given the extensive product and services range on offer from local suppliers.    
  • Pay attention to detail when decluttering and spring cleaning. Less is not only more, but also creates the illusion of extra space when potential buyers come knocking.   
  • If your décor is not up to standard, consider renting furniture and artwork for home staging effect with the wow factor.  

Follow the advice of your agent. They will knowledgeably guide you about the right listing price for your property and location. It is also in their best interest and yours to provide trusted tips and guidelines — plus contact points for reputable home makeover service providers — when preparing and presenting your property in sparkling form.   

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