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5 maintenance items to tackle during winter

The return of the cooler months can be a time where it is tempting to hibernate and let those maintenance items go around your home until the spring warmth is back. Keeping on top of home maintenance in the winter months will ensure that it doesn’t get too far behind.

  1. Check walls and ceilings for damp and mould

Damper and colder weather can create havoc in our homes and with a mixture of reduced ventilation, potential ingress of water from the elements and reduced sunlight, mould can creep its way onto walls, ceilings and even furnishings.

A quick check regularly of walls behind furniture and ceilings as well as around windows, blinds and curtains can help you to stay on top of the mould and clean it away quickly if it appears. 

  1. Inspect smoke detectors and fire alarms

The cooler months signal a return to dragging out heaters and using other heating devices. It is advisable to check that these are working effectively and serviced if required, ensuring that you have a working smoke alarm and fire alarms at the property.

Smoke and fire alarms are required to be checked annually and it is important to take steps to have these serviced, especially heading into the months when the potential for home fires rises.

  1. Service fireplaces and heaters

If you have an older fireplace or even those running on gas or electricity, now is the time to safeguard your home by servicing these items and ensuring that they are in good working order.

Cleaning chimneys and around fireplaces can reduce the risk of fire while servicing gas heaters can reduce the potential for gas leaks and checking electrical heaters can lessen the chance of electrical fires.

  1. Carry out a pest inspection

While we like to huddle up for the warmer months, so do the pests that can find refuge in your home looking for warmth. Checking cupboards, vents, garages, roof spaces and under stairs will find all sorts of places that cockroaches and mice like to hide.

If you do happen to find that you have pests in your home, contacting a pest control company can assist in finding solutions to keep them under control.

  1. Ventilate where possible

Where you can catch warmer days during the winter months, it is ideal to ventilate your property as much as possible. Opening doors and windows to let fresh air flow and sunlight through can help to dry out dampness and keep things like mould at bay.

Where you can’t ventilate, using dehumidifiers and fans on low can help to increase air circulation and reduce the stuffiness that can build during winter.

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