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4 areas to update before listing your home for sale

When it comes to selling your home, it is beneficial to assess the current condition of several areas of the property for potential maintenance or minor improvements that may be needed. Tending to this maintenance and improvements before the point of sale can save headaches down the track with potential purchasers who may wish to negotiate the final sale price based on the condition of the property.

Here are four things to consider improving or repairing before listing your home.

Roofing and guttering 

A prospective purchaser will employ an independent building inspector usually after making an offer on the property. The inspector will highlight areas of the roof and guttering that may have chipped or cracked tiles, areas of rust or wear and potential leaks. They will also identify the quality of the gutters and downpipes and areas that may be leaking. 

A check of repair of those areas and ensuring that gutters and downpipes are free from leaf litter and the gutter guard is in good order can add to potential gains on the sale.

Walls and window coverings 

Paint fades and wears over time and with regular living activity, can become tired and chipped, especially around higher traffic areas like door frames. Some quick touch-ups of the walls to cover over any blemishes or depending on the condition, a whole paint facelift can improve the perspective that potential purchasers may have over the home. Don’t forget external areas that may need a touch up with paint and this area will contribute to the first impressions of the property during the sale.

Window coverings like curtains and blinds help frame both the external and internal appearance of the property and it may be favourable to replace or update with more modern window coverings. You may also consider professional cleaners to attend to giving existing fittings a good freshen up for sale.

Carpets and flooring

As with the walls, carpets, and flooring wear over time with regular use and can become tired looking. You may consider a professional cleaner if you have carpets to give them a revival or if there are tears and considerable wear, a replacement may be necessary to assist with the sale. 

For hard floor coverings like tiling and floorboards, you may need to factor in the replacement of chipped or damaged tiles or re-sanding and polishing of floorboards that may be scratched or show considerable signs of wear or damage.

Gardens and outdoor areas

The front yard and gardens are generally going to be the first impression that a potential purchaser has of your home. A neat, tidy, and green lawn, as well as well-maintained gardens, can help sell your property before the prospective purchaser has even stepped foot inside the front door. 

Updating the gardens and mowing and edging the front yard before listing the property, as well as having a regular schedule to ensure that they are attended to during the campaign can go a long way to adding street appeal during the sale.

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