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Property Postcode Restrictions (LMI & Lending)

Lenders assess mortgage applications differently based on the location of the property being offered as security. A lender, or the Lenders Mortgage Insurance provider, will apply more rigid lending policies in high-risk locations to limit their risk. This risk assessment often means that your maximum permissible LVR (and your borrowing amount) to be lower.

The Lender’s LMI Policy Guide may be consulted for information on what postcodes or property types might be affected, or you may use the tool below to check your postcode against the database. Keep in mind that not all localities within each postcode is affected, and nor is each property type.

Please enter a 4-digit Postcode
DISCLAIMER: The Calculation queries the BeliefMedia API to check LMI issues associated with a postcode. Please note that while every effort is made to keep data up-to-date, the most reliable source of information of LMI information is your broker. [ BeliefMedia API ]

The most common limitation that applies in areas where a postcode is considered risky is the maximum LVR may be reduced to 80%. You can read more about LMI in our LMI FAQ.

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