1 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan

A Fixed Rate Home Loan gives you the best of both worlds - peace of mind with the certainty of fixed rates, without being locked in for a long period of time. The 1 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan is also available for DHOAS eligible applicants
Category: Home Loans  Last Updated April 13, 2022  Effective April 13, 2022

 General Lending Rates

Rates listed below are for a FIXED Owner Occupied P&I product. Additional Information
Interest Rate
Comparison Rate
Product rates will vary depending upon your financial position< LVR, and other criteria. The product may also vary depending upon the rate type, repayment type, or loan purpose. We encourage you to contact us for a full understanding of the product and terms.

 Product Eligibility

  • Min Age - 18.
  • Residency Status - Individuals Must Be Citizens Or Permanent Residents Of Australia..
  • Natural Person
  • Employment Status - Applicants Must Be Currently Employed Or Receiving A Regular Income. Self Employed Clients Should Contact The Bank Prior To Applying.

 Bank Fees and Charges

  • Consent Fee (Event), Amount: 250.00. Additional Information: For 2nd or subsequent mortgages or lease registration
  • Default Notice Fee (Event), Amount: 30.00. Additional Information: Payable when a notice is issued regarding a default under the contract
  • Processing Fee (Upfront), Amount: 500.00.
  • Other Bank Deposit Fee (Deposit), Amount: 6.50. Additional Information: Cash and cheque deposit at NAB Branch
  • Arrears Notice Fee (Event), Amount: 20.00. Additional Information: 2nd and subsequent reminders by letter or phone
  • Fixed Rate Prepayment Cost (Variable), Amount: Not Listed.. Additional Information: Payable if you repay your fixed rate loan in full before the fixed interest rate period expires; or make partial prepayments greater than $10,000 in any year of the fixed rate period. The prepayment cost is calculated and will be advised when the prepayment is made on your fixed rate loan.
  • Mortgage Discharge Fee (Event), Amount: 300.00.
  • Ratesaver Switch Fee (Event), Amount: 500.00. Additional Information: To switch to a RateSaver Loan
  • Audit Certificate Fee (Event), Amount: 50.00. Additional Information: Per audit certificate requested
  • Copies Of Statements (over 12 Months) Per Page (Event), Amount: 5.00.
  • Legal Fees (Variable), Amount: Not Listed.. Additional Information: At cost
  • Archive Retrieval Fee (Variable), Amount: Not Listed.. Additional Information: A hourly fee applies plus any expenses incurred
  • Stamp Duty (Variable), Amount: Not Listed.. Additional Information: At cost
  • Property Valuation Fee (Variable), Amount: 250.00. Additional Information: At cost. Minimum is $250.00
  • Switch/variation Fee - Home & Investment Loans (Event), Amount: 300.00. Additional Information: To switch or vary home loans (other than switching to RateSaver)
  • Paper Statement Fee (per Statement) (Periodic), Amount: 2.00.
  • Copies Of Statements (up To 12 Months) At Branch (Event), Amount: 2.50.

 Limitations & Restrictions (Constraints)

  • Max Limit of 2000000.00
  • Min Limit of 150000.00

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