Property investment is a very popular wealth building tool for many Australians. However, making a profit on your property investment is not as easy as it sounds and it is very important that you formulate a good strategy and take the right approach from the outset. That’s where your New Vision Financial Services broker can help.

What are your property investment objectives? If you know where you want to end up before you begin, you are much more likely to get where you want to be. Is it a matter of just one investment property or purchasing multiple properties over a period of time? Is your investment plan short-term or long-term?

Getting your financing right from the outset can be key to your success. There are many different ways to go about property investment and your New Vision Financial Services broker is here to help you formulate the right plan and get the right financing to help you reach your property investment goals.

Borrowing for your SMSF
Borrowing to invest in property for your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is becoming increasingly popular as property is considered a relatively safe way to build wealth for retirement. New Vision Financial Services can access a variety of loan products to work with different SMSF structures.

Before consulting your New Vision Financial Services about suitable loan products, you will need to consult a qualified accountant or financial planner about setting up your SMSF. Ask them about:

  • Setting up a SMSF
  • What you can and cannot do in a SMSF
  • Restrictions that occur when using a SMSF to buy property
  • Using the correct trust structures.

Once your SMSF is set up and suitably structured, New Vision Financial Services will work with you and your advisors to find the right loan products to meet your needs and property investment objectives. Borrowing under an SMSF structure can be quite a complicated process. New Vision Financial Services is here to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

Getting the right property investment loan
You may have read that banks and lending institutions are tightening their lending criteria for property investment loans. However, as with all mortgages, your eligibility depends on your personal financial situation and most lenders are more than willing to offer investment loans to suitably qualified applicants.

New Vision Financial Services can access many property investment loans from a wide variety of lenders. We can shop around to help you find the best deal that aligns with your investment strategy.

It is likely that you will require a 20% deposit to obtain a property investment loan. Many property investors access the equity in their home or an existing property investment to obtain their deposit. For more information about accessing the equity in your existing property, talk to us about refinancing.

It pays to do your research
New Vision Financial Services has access to property market data from Australian Property Monitors (APM) and RP Data (CoreLogic) and other information that could be of great assistance to you in making your investment property decisions.

For more information about property research and identifying the right property for you, contact us or call 1300 422 506


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