In the current competitive real estate market, it is essential that you obtain every advantage you possibly can.

This might be as simple as doing research on the suburb through real estate platforms like or or as thorough as hiring a property agent to compile a complete assessment of potential properties.

Just as vital is getting ahead of the competition by obtaining a loan pre-approval.
Why should you get a pre-approval?
A pre-approval allows you to understand your borrowing limits. Whilst this may seem like a simple thing, it is crucial to know this information both when you’re prospecting for property, and when you’re taking part in an auction. By knowing how much you can spend, you can filter your property options and not over-commit when bidding.
How do you get a pre-approval?
It’s simple – speak to us. Our New Vision Financial Services brokers will reach out to our network of lenders to secure you the highest pre-approval as possible.Are you searching for your first home? Or perhaps looking to increase your investment portfolio with another property? Before you can get yourself your very own property, you need to go through the process of securing a home loan. This is where a pre-approval comes in handy.Step 1 – Speak to a broker
The first thing you’ll need to do is talk to a mortgage broker. They’ll ask you a number of questions – your employment history, your income, your long-term goals, for example. After this soul-baring session, they’ll use the information to work out your borrowing power, and find the right loan product for you. They’ll also explain all the various fees, charges and costs that are involved, to make sure you’re on the right track.Step 2 – Sorting your application
Now that you’ve picked your home loan, it’s time to apply. Your broker will be right there to offer you a guiding hand through the process. They’ll let you know what documents you need to provide, and you’ll also go through the age-old ritual of filling out and signing a number of forms. The broker will send off the application to the mortgage lender when it’s done and dusted.

Step 3 – Getting pre-approved
Once the lender gets your application, the ball’s in their court. They’ll spend some time going through the information you’ve provided to make sure all the details check out. They’ll also use a credit reporting agency to check your credit history. Once you pass, then congratulations – you’ve obtained pre-approval for the loan, and you now are ready to find your dream home!

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