Thursday 30th July 2020

Getting repairs carried out at a rental

Getting repairs carried out at a rental

Getting repairs carried out at a rental

Notice something broken at your rental? Or maybe you’ve caused some damage and you’re not sure how to go about getting it fixed?

There’s no denying that all sorts of things can go wrong at a property, whether it’s something as simple as a broken light, or a more pressing issue that causes a safety or health issue.

What should you do?

While it’s the responsibility of a tenant to look after their rental property and tend to things like general cleaning and garden maintenance, if you notice even a minor issue it is best to let your property manager know as soon as you can.

The sooner you let your property manager know about an issue, or a potential issue, the sooner they can alert the landlord and arrange for it to be fixed.

Sometimes minor issues, like leaks, can turn into big problems if they aren’t managed quickly so it’s always worth mentioning things to your property manager as they arise.

Keep in mind that if there is a problem and it isn’t reported it could actually be treated as negligence of the property if it was to lead to further issues.

What happens if repairs are needed urgently?

If you need urgent repairs done and you can’t get in touch with your property manager then you may be able to arrange the repairs yourself.

It is definitely worth checking your state’s tenant authority to find advice and ensure the repairs are considered to be urgent and that you have done everything possible to get in touch with your property manager first.

Requests should be made in writing so you have evidence should you need it in case of any disputes.

If the repairs are urgent and you haven’t had a response from your property manager or landlord then you can get reimbursed for repairs so long as the damage wasn’t your fault and you used a licensed tradesperson to carry out the work.

Below are some examples of urgent repairs in NSW under the Residential Tenancies Act:

  • burst water service
  • blocked or broken toilet system
  • serious roof leak
  • gas leak
  • dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm or fire damage
  • failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided by a landlord or agent for hot water, water, cooking, heating, or laundering
  • failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
  • any fault or damage in the premises that makes the premises unsafe or insecure
  • an appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working properly and causes a substantial amount of water to be wasted

Remember, your property manager should always be your first point of contact and if you have any questions or concerns about your rental it’s best they are directed to them first.

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